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Big Sister Live Review

by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Editor's Verdict: is a fairly original cams site based upon the Big Brother tv concept, in which you get to view people getting up to all kinds of rude stuff in the Big Sister House. It's possible to just watch the action, or the braver amongst you might want to sign up to visit and become a part of it. 

Big Sister Live is unlike most other cams sites you'll come across. Unfortunately it isn't possible to access any of the features for free. There are some sample videos and pics, but you will have to register and pay for a week's trial if you want to look around properly. Still, for what it costs to join for a week you won't really be out of pocket. It's then up to you whether to take out a monthly subscription or cancel your membership.

Anybody can apply to enter the Big Sister Live house. Members, couples, club girls and professional adult performers have all participated at different times, so you get a real mix. Whoever is featuring, the standard will be high as applicants are screened, with many being professional adult performers. The basic idea is that people come to the house to have sex, so that's exactly what you get to see. In contrast to community cam sites in which the performers could be anywhere across the world, all the action takes place in a single location. This means that the cam streaming quality is of a consistent and very high standard - the room cams are supplemented by professional camera operators. You can select different rooms to view live or watch highlights of the previous days action. Therefore, the emphasis is more on the voyeuristic aspect rather than direct interaction with the performers. However, it is possible to contact people in the house. So, if the one-to-one aspect is what draws you to a chat room, then you might be a little disappointed. Because everything is centrally controlled then it's easy to get quick technical support from the dedicated troubleshooting team. 

One of the great things about the site is that there is a flat fee rate for access to the cams and to other features such as the video archive. It therefore works out quite a bit cheaper than using chat rooms with per minute fees; once you join then you can watch the live feeds or archive videos as and when you wish. However, as mentioned, bear in mind that the interactive element of online chat is minimal on this site. It may also be a little frustrating if you want a specific type of performer, e.g. BBW or Latin. Whilst there is plenty of choice, you still get what you're given, in which case you might think about spending your money on another site that caters to your specific interests. 

Big Sister Live is a fun and original take on the sexcam chat genre. If you enjoy watching more than chatting and are not especially choosy about the type of hot action taking place, then it may just be domestic bliss for you. Who knows, you may like it so much that others may be watching you making those walls shake in the not too distant future.

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