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by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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FreeWebcams provides a decent range of video and cam options for members who are interested in watching live performances from amateur and professional models. Whilst the site itself is free, performances are charged using tokens, which are purchased through the site’s sales page. However, over all it is a deeply dissatisfying sex cam site that probably isn’t worth your time.

Sadly this site really doesn’t meet our expectations. There are a fair few flaws or areas that need improvement, which makes it a poor competitor against its peers, many of whom provide similar but superior services. Our first disappointment was the number of models who were online, just 12 models when we logged on. Compared to the hundreds or even thousands that you’ll find elsewhere, this number is paltry at best. Whilst several of the models were very attractive we weren’t convinced there was enough range to cater for everyone’s tastes, and web cam quality was variable. This variable quality is particularly surprising because you are expected to purchase and spend credit on the site, so you’d hope that the high definition video capabilities would be taken advantage of. But they’re not. Some of the broadcast qualities were poor at best: grainy, slow, poorly lit and with infrequent mic static interruptions. Overall these small irritations add up to really ruin the experience.

There’s also no real way to search through the models (not that you’d need to with so few models performing). All you can do is search by a model’s name, which seems entirely redundant if you don’t already know who you’re looking for.

As for support, it’s hard to actually locate any help. There seems to be a fair amount of information for models who wish to sign up as performers, but little in the way of help for customers. This is disappointing and there’s really not much of an excuse for it. Such an ill considered decision hardly fills us with confidence as potential customers… must do better!

FreeWebCams implies that its services are free of charge, but it’s no more free than any other site around really. If you want to get beyond the initial public live stream (which is usually just a woman typing to members whilst in their underwear) then you’ll have to pay for the service. That’s fair enough, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get anything truly for free.

In the site’s favour, you are able to attend group or private shows (when they’re available), send private messages, tip models and check out the models’ profiles. However this is nowhere near enough to make up for the site’s inadequacies and we’d find it very difficult to recommend that you spend your time and money on

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