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by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Editor's Verdict: is a pared down cams site that retains the basic structure of many of the cams sites in this category. A straightforward site with little that makes it stand out from its competitors, save for the ease of navigation due to a refreshing lack of gadgets and features. It's also a little pricier.

Have a look before you sign up. If you've already checked out some of the other sites in this category it may look fairly similar. You can browse performer thumbnails and watch and interact as a guest without signing up. This will give you some idea of whether it is worth registering. If you like the look of it and do decide to register, have your credit/debit details handy as you will need these. 

Essentially, the way in which CamBooth works is that you pay a standard monthly subscription that allows you to watch and interact with performers with no extra charges; a little like paying a cover charge to get into a strip club to watch a floor show. However, for any added extras, such as a personal lapdance, you will have to pay a little more. 

Given that you are already paying a monthly subscription, the idea that you also have to pay for premium chat features on top of this may seem a little steep. After all, whilst the Basic Membership may be fairly titilating for a short while, the chances are that you'll fancy something a bit hotter after not too long. If this sounds like you, you may want to check out some other sites that will probably work out a bit cheaper.

Most of the performers are very attractive, friendly and welcoming and they do put in the effort for you, so in a sense, you do get what you pay for. There are plenty of performer categories to choose from and most tastes will be catered for. Do bear in mind though that there is no guarantee that the category you select will have any live performers when you log in. At a given time you will usually find at least three hundred available, but considering the array of chat categories it's the usual problem of most performers falling within the generic 'lone female' category. But it's worth checking CamBooth out for that special something. The cam quality is very good though, and rivals that which you would get in the Top 10 sites. It's easy to toggle between screen sizes without loss of quality, even on the largest size. 

Apart from browsing the pull down categories at the top of the homepage, you can enter your own terms into the quick search, but there is no advanced search option here. So, looking for something specific may be a little arduous. You can also check out performers' bio-pages. These usually have links to performer pics, which are free, but nothing to write home about. 

A bit more expensive than some of its competitors, CamBooth is a fairly basic cams site, but one which does the basics very well. Although niche interests are served, check out whether your needs are fulfilled before signing up. You won't be disappointed with the performers, nor the cam quality, so have a look. 

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