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Diamond James Review

by Sex-Cam-Reviews.com. Last updated: 13 August 2017

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There are niche cam sites and there is DiamondJames.com. Set up for the greater glory of 'Cam Superstar' Diamond James (who, by the way is no relation of Diamond Joe Quimby), the site looks good and has loads of features. However, unless you are completely into Diamond James, there would be little point in dwelling here.

Looking much the All American girl, Diamond is a hot, blonde twenty-something who is only too keen to show you her most intimate secrets. You can get a brief introduction to the site, including a preview video, but to see the cams you have to join as a member. Obviously, it seems very unlikely that you're going to join unless you are a pretty big fan of Diamond James to begin with. It's therefore not a site that one would recommend to the average cam site fanatic. This has less to do with the design or quality of the site, which is slick and simple to navigate, and more to do with the fact that it is devoted to a single performer.

The cam set up is slightly different to the usual. There are 5 voyeur cams that are switched on 24/7 allowing you to spy on Diamond whenever you like. There is even a cam in her bathroom. In addition to this, Diamond performs at least a couple of interactive cam shows (with audio) every week. Furthermore, members also get free access to a number of other amateur cam sites (CamZ, HouseCamZ, Sex Cam Central and Rude Live House). This is basically done to fill in those times when Diamond pops down to the grocery store or does her laundry. The cams  can't really be faulted in terms of picture quality, although the voyeur cams don't always have audio streaming. Because DiamondJames.com is not a community site that links a disparate collection of cams across the globe, quality is more consistent and assured. Plus, the fact that you get free access to several other sites means that you shouldn't really get bored. However, for those who like the interactive chat element of cam sites, DiamondJames.com might be slightly disapppointing. In contrast, the voyeurs amongst you will probably like it a lot more.

There are also plenty of other features to keep you occupied. There is quite a large archive of pictures of various kinds, many of which are pretty hardcore and which feature Diamond getting it on with other girls as well as guys. You will also find her posing wearing a wide range of sexy outfits and underwear. New content is added regularly. The video archive is also quite extensive and covers a range of kinky stuff; Diamond is certainly talented and versatile. If you still can't get enough of her, you can read her bio-pages, personal video blog and secret diaries. There is also a member forum where you can message other members and sometimes even Diamond herself. Again, you would probably have to be a fan to get much out of these.

Whilst being a good-looking, professional and feature-packed cam site, DiamondJames.com is likely to have a limited appeal, to those who worship the 'hotter than the girl next door' Diamond James. For most others, despite the additional cam sites, there just isn't enough variety to keep you interested for too long. With the range of other cams sites on offer it may be that your money is better spent elsewhere.

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