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by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Editor's Verdict: is a nice looking and user-friendly site with plenty of features. With plenty of sexy performers and a range of chat options to choose from, you should be able to find the right chat for you. There aren't too many other features, which makes it a bit less cluttered.

Whilst membership of isn't free like other sites, there's only a nominal charge of $1.99 for membership. In fact, if you like the look of the site and do decide to register, it's worth taking the $9.99 membership option, which gives you 10 minutes of private chat time. This is a good way to check out the site's chat rooms without too much outlay. 

The performers on come from all over, with many from Europe and the US. For those whose first language isn't English there can be the odd problem with making yourself understood. If this happens it's important to remain patient with the performer and try to be polite as you risk being banned from the chat room if you treat the performers with disrespect. At the time of this review there were 98 performers online, most of which were female. There are 17 categories of chat to choose from, including guy cams (25 registered on the site). 

There are a number of choices available with reference to chat rooms. First of all, the free chat rooms cost absolutely nothing and are a great means of just checking out a performer. Bear in mind that whilst most girls in the chat rooms will be happy to chat a while, you always get the odd one who is less keen to converse unless you go straight into paid chat. It's great, not to mention unusual, that you can free chat with all the performers on the site. The most popular paid chat room type is private chat. In private chat you can enjoy a one-to-one chat session with a performer. The private chat rooms vary in price so shop around a little. You can also initiate cam2cam if you have your own webcam connected. In semi-private chat you get to spy on another member's private chat video stream only. That is, you don't get to interact, nor do you listen to the audio stream. In addition, when that member ends the chat you are automatically disconnected. Showroom chat features multi-member sex shows that last around a half an hour. The scope for interaction is minimal as the shows are always popular, but they are some of the cheapest chat rooms you'll find anywhere.

The cam quality is generally good, however, this needs to be qualified with the statement that cam quality will fluctuate across different chat rooms based on the performer's set-up. There's always the FAQs section and a help chat option to fall back on should you have any problems. However, as long as your computer and internet connection are reasonably up-to-date, you shouldn't experience any real problems. 

In terms of other features, you can keep up with all the site's news by heading to Sophie's Corner. In addition to providing something of a diversion when you're not in chat, you can pick up all kinds of tips about discounts and special offers here. In addition, you can learn a little more about the performers from the informative biopages that can be reached by clicking on the thumbnails. There aren't really any video or photo features on the site, but you can find some tame pics of performers on their biopages. There's no advanced search either, but you'll find a small search tool that should be enough to help you narrow down the options when looking for performers. 

In summary, offers some great chat rooms, with a decent selection of performers to choose from as well as a range of chat types. You'll not only find some great premium one-to-one chat, but also some of the cheapest group shows around. 

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