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Passion Cams Review

by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Passion Cams offers you both free standard membership and a fantastic gold membership package for those who might want to spend plenty of time here. This wouldn't be such a bad choice because you'll find some attractively priced chat. The layout isn't quite as professional as other sites, making navigation a little less intuitive. In addition, you might find your choice a little more restricted than on other sites. However, stick around and there's bound to be some fun to be had here.

You can join the site for free. It only takes a minute or two and you don't need to give your credit card details. Whilst you are able to have a look at the layout of the site and most of the features available, you can't access the video streams in the free chat rooms until you've bought some credit.  

The performers are mostly European and are generally friendly and welcoming, as you'd expect. One of the problems with this site is that the choice is fairly restricted. At the time of the review there were less than 30 performers online, which isn't as great a choice as you might hope. Most of the chat rooms feature attractive, young lone females. If this isn't your bag then you may be scratching around a little. But, if there is anything special you fancy it's worth asking the performer as they will indulge most fantasies if they can.

There are three basic chat types available on In free chat you can interact with performers, get some idea of what's on offer and ask any questions about what can be had in paid chat. If you decide to pay for chat there are two options. In 1-1 chat you get to enjoy a sexy uninterrupted show with the performer of your choice. Nude chat is similar, only you don't get to direct the show in the same way. Rather, you are joined by other members in watching what is effectively an online striptease. The performer will (eventually) get naked, but there is a tendency for them to string things out in order to get the maximum amount of credits. No matter though, as you can quit the chat room when you want to. One good idea is that you can find each performer's chat prices on their biopage, although it might have been more convenient had prices been listed on the thumbnails.

The cam streaming quality, whilst not being partiuclarly poor, isn't quite up to the standard of other similar cam sites. The video streaming can sometimes be a little grainy and pixellated in some chat rooms, which is only really distracting when toggling between the larger screen sizes. As long as your pc and internet connection are reasonably up to date you shouldn't have too many problems. There is a customer help desk you can email to assist you.

If you use the site a lot you might consider subscribing to the gold membership package. For what seems a fairly steep $42.00 per month you nevertheless get a whole load of discounts and offers. The offer is a very generous one and you could make substantial savings. In terms of other features, there are regular and hi-res picture galleries. These are a little disappointing and fairly tame in their content. Quite a few performers haven't uploaded any pictures. If you do find any you'll notice that even the high-res pics are sometimes quite grainy. In short, there isn't too much to keep you occupied here.

In summary, whilst has some bargain chat offers and one substantial offer in the form of the gold membership package, there are a couple of things that let it down. The cam streaming leaves just a little to be desired sometimes. In addition, the choice of performers isn't great and the additional features sometimes leave a little to be desired. Bear these things in mind before you sign up, although obviously do have a look around at what's on offer.

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