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by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Editor's Verdict: is a great looking cams site, if a little busy in terms of layout. There are plenty of features to keep you occupied, but it may be just a little too pricey for all but the most avid chat room fiends. 

There are plenty of American and Canadian performers on the site. One great thing is that the thumbnails are nice and informative. For example, as well as letting you know whether a performer is online, where they are from, etc., you are also given the prices they charge for private chat. It is fairly unusual for cams sites to be so open and upfront about pricing and is great because for many members cost will be an important factor in deciding which chat room to visit. It's a shame that most other sites hide their price lists away.

You shouldn't encounter many shoddy chat rooms on this site. Most of the performers are attractive, welcoming and give great shows. Mind you, it's possible to find great shows elsewhere that cost less; paying a monthly membership subscription and a potentially hefty per minute rate for live chat is going to eat up your dollars more quickly than many of the Top 10 sites. There also doesn't seem to be quite as much variety in chat rooms as other sites. Even though the cam streaming quality is as good as the top 10 sites, you should try a couple of cheaper alternatives first.

There are two basic kinds of chat you can use, for which you are charged a per minute fee. Private chat is where you pay to get a hot, sexy show from a performer, watched simultaneously by other members. This means that you won't get the performer's full attention. If you want one-to-one you can choose the VIP chat. It costs a little more if you don't want to be disturbed; for most performers, the difference per minute is usually $3.00-$4.00. Think carefully before plumping for VIP chat. It's worth trying regular private chat first as the show is of the same high quality. Also, shop around the performers as chat room rates do vary. You can regularly find performers offering private and VIP chat for as little as $1.49, so it doesn't necessarily mean that you will always have to pay more for VIP chat.

There are also plenty of other features on the site, which may justify the steep cost of joining. Photo galleries, video archives and a range of other extras provide fleeting diversions. There is plenty to choose from in terms of recorded clips and shows, and the cam recordings can be up to 30 minutes in length. However, bear in mind that there is a 2GB daily download limit. There are also a number of member forums, where you can discuss a wide range of general issues or specific topics. So, it's easy to get in touch with other members and share your views and experiences. You can also read performers' blogs, although this is something of a half-hearted feature and you wonder why they bothered doing it. Although, if you really fancy getting to know a little more about the performers' private lives then you may enjoy reading their fairly random musings on life. 

In summary, offers a quality cams site, but at a premium. Bravo for being upfront about pricing. If you like the mainstream style chat rooms with pretty girls doing their thing, and doing it well, give it a go. However, the relatively high prices for chat mean that you might get a similarly high standard elsewhere for slightly less. 

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