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by Last updated: 13 August 2017

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Editor's Verdict: is part of the Peekshows Network (including Peekshow Couples, Peekshow Divas and Peekstube). The site looks pretty stylish and is clear and uncluttered. The site and its features are pared down and basic, the idea being that members access Adult Webcam World as one part of a larger network of cam sites. Therefore, taken on its own in comparison to many other sites it may seem too limited in terms of both performers and features.   

Registering as a member of AdultWebcamWorld is free and takes just a few minutes. You need to provide some form of payment details but you won't be charged unless you decide that you want to buy credit. If you do sign up you are rewarded with 25 free 'tokens' when your membership is validated. It is slightly annoying to encounter cams sites that do not give prices in dollar fees, which would be far more straightforward and gives you the impression that costs are being concealed. Anyway, you are rewarded with 25 tokens just for signing up. What is this really worth? Well, 25 tokens equates to about $25.00, or 5 minutes of private chat. 

Compared to many sites, the selection of performers on the site is quite limited. At any given time there are likely to be between 50 and 100 performers online. All the performers appear to be lone females, so if you were looking for guys, couples or something a little different then you are likely to be a bit disappointed by what's on offer. If you are looking for something more straightforward however, the performers are mostly very attractive, friendly and welcoming. In fact, it is one of the few sites where performers will give you the time of day as a guest without credit. 

Private chat prices per minute are similar to many other sites, hovering around the $4.99 mark. For considerably less, you can enter voyeur mode and spy on another member's private chat session. The live video streaming and screen quality of the chat rooms in AdultWebcamWorld is good, especially in the XD (high definition) chat rooms, which compare favourably with the best of the topsites. However, the quality of the non-XD chat rooms can, on occasion, be a little jerky and pixellated to the point of interrupting your enjoyment. The problem is that there is no way of telling which of the chat rooms are XD by looking at the performer thumbnails.     

There are no video features on the site. Furthermore, AdultWebcamWorld lacks the browsing and search features of other sites. There are no chat room categories here, nor quick or advanced search options. Mind you, they are not really needed as it does not take long to browse through the online performers. The performer thumbnail pictures are a little too small and don't really tell you anything about the performer other than their name. The performer bio-pages are also fairly simple, just giving you a brief amount of info about the performer and their weekly schedule. If you do find a performer that you think you would like to enter private chat with, you will have to tune into free chat first and ask questions in order to ensure you are making the best choice. 'Bank & Wallet' is an original feature. It allows you to divide your tokens so that, when you enter a chat room, the performer is only able to see what is in your wallet. It can also be handy for setting aside tokens to use later on. If you have any problems or questions, the support desk is there to assist and will get back to you promptly.

On balance, despite the lack of features there are some great quality XD chat rooms available at great prices if you have the patience to sniff them out. 

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